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Forget everything you think you know about healthy eating – at dean&david, they do things differently. Their menu doesn't sacrifice taste for health, and they're proud of their simple values of freshness, quality, local suppliers and regional ingredients.

Dishes revolve around lean proteins, fruit and vegetables and they skilfully walk the tightrope, balancing the holy grail of healthy, easy and tasty – it's no small feat. dean&david have proved fast food doesn't have to be bad food.  

Your salad days are here

Salads are front and centre on the menu, with creations like the Indian Summer, with grilled oyster mushrooms, cucumber, tart goji berries, juicy tomatoes and rich sheep cheese. Or there's the Asian-inspired Mango Prawn, packed with grilled king prawns, tomatoes, crunchy peanuts, sweet mango and fresh coriander. For an extra boost of vitamins, dig in to their Vegan Superfood salad, with chia seeds, bulgur wheat, beetroot sticks and goji berries.  

You can also have a go at creating your own – top their salad mix off with fresh vegetables, eggs, herbs, nuts, superfoods like chia seeds and edamame, premium extras like gourmet cheeses, grilled beef, chicken or king prawns. Your bespoke salad is then finished with a drizzle of one of their inventive dressings, like summery apple-elder, fresh parma lemon or intense balsamic maple syrup.

Healthy, hearty and happy

But don't get lost in their salad choices – if you are more of a sandwich person, you'll find their offerings just as lively, with fresh grilled sandwiches, Italian piadina flatbreads and wraps designed for omnivores, vegetarians and vegans alike. For something even heartier, sink your teeth into a big portion of rich Panang Curry or fresh Green Thai Curry, served on a pile of steamed jasmine rice. Their Asian curry menu changes frequently – you'll be inspired to order again and again.

And if you're not quite feeling like you've treated your body as a temple yet, ordering one of their cold pressed juices like Activate, Refresh or Green Guru, or superfood and green smoothies will soon have you sorted.

Global inspirations

dean&david is the brainchild of David Baumgartner, who thought it up during his gap year travelling the world. Inspired by everything from juice bars in New York City to curry vendors in South Asia, he nailed down his concept of a tasty, healthy, variety-filled menu of freshly sourced meats, vegetables and fruits with the help of a nutritionist. He worked out the menu, opened his first salad bar in Munich and never looked back.

It was as if the food scene in Germany was just waiting for something like this to come along. dean&david soon conquered Germany, and have now expanded with locations across Switzerland, Luxembourg and Austria.

Post work-out meal or just fancy something a little different? Try out dean&david's deliciously nutritious menu with Deliveroo .

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