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What happens when you cross one dog and two beer fanatics? Well, while they didn't expect it, this turned out to be the perfect formula that led Martin Dickie and James Watt to beer-fuelled success with BrewDog – their wonderfully off-beat, well-respected business venture.

But how did a two-man brewery from the UK end up opening an unconventional bar-cum-pizzeria here in Germany?

Bizarre beer

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What really made BrewDog popular is their fearless will to try the unthinkable. Brewing at the bottom of the ocean? Sure. Taxidermy-wrapped beer bottles? Why not? Aging beer on the deck of a fishing boat? Sounds perfect.

The beauty is that this creativity works, and has reaped loads of respect for them in the brewing world. Now firmly on the map, these tricks and trials have created huge worldwide demand and we're happy to have them here in our capital city.

'Live fast, drink slow'

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'Live fast, drink slow' is BrewDog's philosophy – a motto we can all live by. These words of wisdom have inspired a phenomenal choice of brews that will leave you dazzled. Whether you plump for the fresh and zingy Dead Pony Club, or the dark and heady stout known as Jet Black Heart, you'll soon realise that these beers are to be relished, not rushed.

Feeling hungry?

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While beer is the beating heart of this place, BrewDog have put just as much thought into their food menu – another great reason to check them out. You'll soon be hankering after their stone baked pizza once the beers are flowing – and your choice of pizza is just as plentiful as their beer selection.

From the hearty meat-feast 'King of Pigs' to the fresh and vibrant vegan option 'The Hero', or the cheese-laden vegetarian 'Grazing Goat', everyone will find the perfect pizza. And you'll have the ideal beer to match it, too.

Ten years in the making

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The story starts back in 2007, when Martin and James boldly decided to start brewing their own beer. Bored with mass-produced and tasteless ales, they threw everything into creating delicious and unique recipes that would let others share their love of craft beers.

They quickly became Scotland's second biggest brewery – no mean feat for the alcohol capital of the UK – and continued experimenting with strengths, tastes and brewing techniques.

Fast forward three years to 2010 and their first craft-beer bar opened in Aberdeen. The rest really is history. We can't wait to see what's next for this wonder-brand.

Did all that reading make you thirsty? Let Deliveroo bring the taste of BrewDog straight to your door. We may check for ID on delivery. Always drink responsibly.

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