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Angry Chicken

Angry Chicken

It's small, it's angry and it sells chicken. Angry Chicken is a Korean restaurant that's as crazy as it is successful. Found right in the centre of Berlin's hippest district, Kreuzberg, Angry Chicken is a sister restaurant to the hugely popular Kimchi Princess just round the corner.

Korean food edged its way into Berlin's foodie scene a few years ago, and it's become increasingly popular. Angry Chicken prides itself on being the only Korean fried chicken bistro in the city, and it's the only one with graffiti, neon sides and chicken that's packed full of spices.

Small and furious

You can't miss Angry Chicken thanks to the massive neon sign emblazoned over the entrance. You can see it from hundreds of yards away, glowing as a beacon to chicken lovers everywhere. It's open 10 hours a day – every day – and sells Korean fried chicken by the bucket load, along with a few other specials.The menu is simple and to the point. If you came here for fried chicken and fried chicken only, then the Friendly Chicken is for you. It's crunchy, savoury and it hits the spot every time. If you're looking for a hint of spice, order the Angry Chicken with its cinnamon sweet chilli coating. For those of you who crave a spicy hit of chilli, the So So Angry Chicken – or even the Furious Chicken if you're feeling particularly brave – are there for you. The angrier the chicken, the spicier it is. Outside this scale of spice, there's also Sexy Chicken. We promise this is not as weird as it sounds – it's chicken with a zingy soy and garlic coating, and perfect if you're looking for something a little less fiery.

Why we all love fried chicken

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What is it that makes Angry Chicken so popular? We think it's something to do with the crunchy coating, the juicy chicken, a dash of creativity and a lot of originality – or anger in this instance. The crew behind Angry Chicken spearheaded Berlin's love of Korean food when they opened the nearby Kimchi Princess. Korean food is now very much 'in' in this trendiest of cities, and the combo of Angry Chicken, Kimchi Princess and the next-door Soju Bar have taken it by storm.

Dig into an angry burger


Burgers are also on the menu, and they're mad too. Angry Beef combines marinated beef with onion, spinach, tomatoes and kimchi with a liberal dollop of hot mayo. The vegan option – the Happy Vegan Burger – is in a better mood. The patty is made from kimchi, polenta and tofu, with onion, tomato, spinach and cucumber smothered in hot mayo. You'll find all the sides you'd expect too – from your classic French fries and potato wedges to Angry Chicken's own sweet potato fries. Served with a range of homemade dips like Gochujang mayo (a chilli mayo) – or a pot of Furious sauce – everything has an authentic Korean edge. Whether you're a Furious Chicken or more of Happy Vegan, Angry Chicken have something for everyone. Check out their menu here on Deliveroo.

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