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The Story Behind The Dish: Himalaya Pakora

The story behind the dish: Himalaya pakora

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Everyone loves an appetiser. Those tiny treats set the stage for what's to come. And the Himalaya pakora doesn't disappoint, delivering an intense flavour. Taking an Indian influence and using iconic Asian ingredients, they're little bites of spiced delight. Served Tibetan style at the aptly named Tibet, experience the true taste of Himalayan culture in a perfect little parcel.

Deep fried with a difference

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The best dishes come with a blended background. Not only does it mean they have an interesting history, but each culture they're passed through adds in a new element into the mix. And the Himalaya pakora is no different.

Taking on a number of names, pakoras can come in a range of combinations. As a snack served across the Indian subcontinent, it's blessed with eclectic roots. Influenced by India, Nepal and Tibet, the Himalaya pakora can take on a different twist, depending on which area you're eating with.

Traditionally, pakora parcels are made up of one or two vegetables, covered in gram flour and deep-fried. And it's the varying vegetable combinations that can add a little excitement. At Tibet, the Indian influence is infused with authentic Himalayan spices for a taste of the mountains.

From one side of the Himalayas to the other

Tibetan food at its best!

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Despite officially being a region of China, Tibetan cuisine is more inspired by Indian and Nepalese traditions. As a result, we're blessed with culinary creations that take a taste of each culture. Typically an Indian dish, pakoras have been eaten as a fried snack for years, but its simplicity makes it a quick choice for hungry stomachs across all Himalayan cultures.

Ingredients-wise, the world is your oyster. Common choices include onion, potato, spinach or cauliflower, but the addition of eggplant, paneer cheese, tomato or chilli pepper can also add a little life. And with each regional twist, the pakora also gains a new name.

Across India, the deep-fried veggie parcels are called bajji and contain onion as their star ingredient, blended with signature spices. In China and Nepal, they're more known as pakoda and often come with a side sauce for dipping.

The perfect combination of crisp and cool

At Tibet the restaurant, the Himalaya pakora takes on a typical Tibetan twist. Authentic recipes, ingredients and spices are used to recreate a small slice of Asia in the heart of Hamburg. Serving as a staple on the appetiser menu and a hit with locals, the Himalaya pakora is the introduction to a Tibetan feast.

Cooked up in a group of six, the starter also acts as an ideal size snack. By deep-frying seasonal vegetables, Tibet add their house seasoning and deliver the crispy bites with a cooling mint yoghurt sauce to complement the heat. Alongside offering up a version for the kiddies, they also serve up their pakoras as part of their mixed appetisers, along with momo, tempura, Himalayan potatoes, hot and sour radish and four different sauces. It's a real eclectic Asian fusion – and we wouldn't have it any other way.  

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