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Modern Takes On German Classics

Twist it up: 4 modern takes on German classics

Rich in history and full of flavour, our cuisine is one of comfort, heritage and heartiness. So what happens when the old is fused with the new? We take a look at well-loved German dishes – revamped with a dose of creativity.

1. Currywurst, Pizza and Burger Factory

Adored by tourists but underrated by locals, currywurst is perhaps the most notorious dish in Germany. And when it's good, it's really good.

So where to turn for a welcome twist? Another explosion of cultural flavours, the Sonnenschein pizza at the Pizza and Burger Factory turns an everyday dish into an unforgettable one. Combining the best of Italian pizza and German currywurst, smoky sausage, fresh tomatoes and paprika meet onions, curry sauce and mozzarella cheese to create a one of a kind combination that you'll hate to love.

Where: Pizza and Burger Factory, Munich

2. Schnitzel, Restaurant Sagici

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While we would never suggest tampering with the crunchy, golden perfection that is the wiener schnitzel

The Cordon Bleu at Restaurant Sagici puts an indulgent spin on this classic German dish.. With a  sweet and nutty Swiss cheese filling, tenderised veal is wrapped around the cheese before being dipped in breadcrumbs and fried to perfection.

Knowing all too well that this luxurious dish speaks for itself, Sagici serve up their Cordon Bleu with a simple salad and fried potatoes. In this case, less definitely is more.

Where: Restaurant Sagici, Hamburg

3. Schnaps, Knofel

Eating delicious food is thirsty work. That's probably why we're so good at crafting some of the best schnaps in the world. But what happens when we wave goodbye to the usual fruity versions of this heady beverage?

If you're looking for the unexpected, we've found something that will knock your socks off in one way or another. Garlic schnaps.

Definitely one for the bold, this potent beverage is available at Knofel. Specialising in all things garlicky, Knofel left no stone unturned in sourcing every conceivable item for their fragrant menu. Not just for sipping, garlic schnaps is praised for its versatility and can be used in stews, dressings, soups and butters.

Whether you're brave enough to sample this one straight up or not, you can't deny this twist on the classic is as intriguing as they come.

Where: Knofel, Berlin

4. Flammkuchen, Wassermann Isarvorstadt

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Sweet or savoury, our beloved flammkuchen might not be a classic in the same way as the others, but it sure is a dish to be reckoned with. Not only is its simplicity at the heart of its appeal, but its light and creamy flavours evoke nothing but comfort.

If it's warmth you're after, the Pikant flammkuchen at Wassermann is practically smoking with its hot and spicy twist on this traditional dish. Finished with tongue-tingling jalapenos and peppery chorizo, the Pikant is the sharper, sassier cousin of the modest flammkuchen.

If spice isn't your thing then plump for Wassermann's Italian style Caprese? Topped with sour cream, tomatoes, rocket and mozzarella, it turns tradition on its head with a collision of cultures.

Where: Wassermann Isarvorstadt, Munich

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